Fossil coal

combustible sedimentary rock of organic (plant) origin, consisting of carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen and other minor components

  • Coal grades:
  • Long-flame coal (L)
  • Gas coal (G)
  • Fat coal (F)
  • Coking coal (K)
  • Skinny-Caking Coal (OS)
  • Lean coal (T)
  • Anthracite (A)
  • Сlassification:
  • genetic, industrial and industrial-genetic.
Anthracite is mainly used as an industrial fuel for thermal power plants and enterprises. It is also suitable for domestic boilers. But the firebox in this case should be of a large volume, equipped with a blower. Sometimes coals of grade D (long-flame) and DG (long-flame gas) are used to ignite anthracite.
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