Sunflower oil

Sunflower oil is obtained from the seeds of sunflower oil varieties. In Russia, of all vegetable oils, it is sunflower oil that has gained the greatest popularity. In terms of its production, Russia occupies a leading position in the world. The product is in high demand. Sunflower oil can be refined and unrefined, depending on the level of purification. In the first case, the product goes through a series of procedures - hydration, deodorization, freezing, bleaching. As a result, the oil is purified from harmful substances, free fatty acids, natural waxes. This oil is ideal for heat treatment.
In cooking, it is used for frying and salad dressing.
In the manufacture of canned food, as well as in the soap and paint industries.
Included in various ointments.
Glass, plastic bottles are packed in corrugated cardboard boxes or other permitted materials that ensure the safety of products
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